Covid-19 Financial Victims

During these unprecedented times and with unemployment rates reaching staggering proportions not witnessed since the Great Depression, now is the time to be extra vigilant. This is most important given the prevalence of technology including the internet, email, social media platforms, virtual wallets, etc. In many cases, fraud and the perpetrators behind it are targeting the most vulnerable sectors of our society not least of which the elderly and the sick.

Some of examples of fraud:

  • An email coming from Amazon, PayPal, Apple, Google, etc asking you to click on a link embedded in the email which then asks you to put in your credit card for verification purposes. This is FRAUD!
  • A call from someone claiming to be an IRS representative and asking for your credit card over the phone. This is FRAUD!
  • A letter purporting to be an official document from the IRS, a US government agency or court asking for a credit card. This is FRAUD!
  • A stock broker calling from a firm you have never heard of selling a stock of a company that has a miraculous cure for Covid-19. This is FRAUD!

Please be wary of the fraudulent practices you see trending around you. These things can happen to anyone, and they can happen to you. Some cons are better than others, so please be aware of financial predators and fraudulent behavior during COVID-19 when people are especially vulnerable.